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  • Yea, Though I Walk Through the Shadow of the Valley Games


     Just what is going on with these guys?



  • You Call That a Review?

  • You Don't Know Theme

    Why do you keep saying "theme?" I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • You'd Make A Great Dungeon Master

    You may not think you have what it take to runs a game of Dungeons & Dragons, but you might just surprise yourself.

  • You're Doing It Wrong

    I learned The Settlers of Catan from a college friend of mine, who explained it without glancing at the rules. We had a ball and played most of my senior year. It was only after I’d played some 25-30 games that I bothered to check the rules for myself, and discovered that he had taught us wrong on a couple points. For one thing, he didn’t use the alphabetical order for placing the numbers on the board. We just put out the numbers and tried to break up any adjacent red spots. But the rule that had a much stronger effect was how he taught us to trade: you could trade anything at any time, even when it wasn’t your turn. As you can imagine, this was completely bonkers, especially when we’d get six loud players around the table. Rather than the casual German game that it was, it transformed Catan into Pit with a board.

  • You've Just Been Franchised

    "Give me an F!  Give me a U!  Give me a..."


    Look around the cinemas lately? It's been a great year for movies, but what were the ones people were most actively looking forward to?  Indy 4, Hellboy 2, Batman 2, Hulk 2...last year, of course, it was Pirates 3, Spidey 3, Shrek 3....


  • Your System - She Ain't So Special


    I love gaming in all its forms, but at the core of my being I am a miniatures gamer. Sure I lovingly gaze at the shiny new boardgames in my local games store, push chits every now and then, squeeze in a game of Twilight Imperium or Last Night on Earth whenever I can, and yes, I still have a semi-regular D&D group that I belong to. But man alive, there is nothing that gets me as excited as a small child quite like collecting miniatures. 



  • Zen and the Art of Board Games

    The Art of War
    "It's more fun when you can just make shit up because it seems like a good idea and then test out the idea rather than working step by step through some painful proof."